git – Merge multiple commits from a branch


I have the following situation: I created a branch, for which I made several commits, pushed to github, now I wanted to merge these commits, which are already in github into one, so they don't become "junk" commits. Does anyone know how it works?


You need to do the following:

[1] git checkout -b nomedanovabranch

[2] git checkout nomedasuabranch

[1] That way you'll create a new branch and already switch to it.

[2] That way you will switch to an existing branch

To merge the commits you will need to 'merge' the branches, just do the following:

git pull origin NomedaBranchQueVoceQuerPegarosCommits 

Okay, this way (pulling), git will auto-merge for you and take the commits from the branch you just pulled.

Then you just go up to your repository

git add . ou git add -A (Vai adicionar todos os arquivos)

git commit -m "Fazendo um merge"

git push 

Hope this helps! 🙂

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