Merge array like PHP


I have this:

$categoria_1[0] = array(
    'code' => 'ALI000001',
    'name' => 'Alimento > Arroz

$categoria_2[0] = array(
    'code' => 'ALI000002',
    'name' => 'Alimento > Massas

And I need to leave it like this:

$category[0] = [{'code' => 'ALI000001', 'name' => 'Alimento > Arroz},{'code' => 'ALI000002', 'name' => 'Alimento > Massas}]

Does anyone have any tips?


Even using array_merge , you will always miss one of them, the best you can do is get something similar to this using array_merge_recursive :

array_merge_recursive($el1, $el2);
array([code]=>array([0]=>A..01 [1]=>A..02) [name]=>array([0]=>Al...M...s [1]=>Al...> M...s))

Because the elements of both arrays have the same index. Unless you put them in a variable as two distinct groups.

$novo= array();
array_push($novo, $el1);
array_push($novo, $el2);
array([0]=>array([code]=>...[name]) [1]=>array([code]=>...[name]))

Or yet:

$novo= array();
$novo[] = $el1;
$novo[] = $el2;
array([0]=>array([code]=>...[name]) [1]=>array([code]=>...[name]))

Another even simpler way is to use the union operator + instead of array_merge :

$novo = $el1 + $el2;

There are still other ways to go about this process, but your question lacks details.

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