Mark checkbox 'brother' with jQuery


I have two different checkbox in the same table column, but both have different names and values.

<td align="center">
   <input type="checkbox" id="chkSiapeServidor" name="chkSiapeServidor"/>
   <input type="checkbox" id="chkIdUnidadeAnterior" name="chkIdUnidadeAnterior"/>

When loading the page, I check if a hidden is filled and if so, I set the hidden value in the checkbox. I use this code:

if($('#siapeServidor').prop('value')) {
    $(this).find('td input[type=checkbox][name=chkSiapeServidor][value='+$('#siapeServidor').prop('value')+']').prop('checked', true);

How do I mark the checkbox that is at the same level as the referenced one, and how to reference the td parent tr where they are located?


In your code I believe you can remove the if condition because jQuery doesn't give an error if it doesn't find the element. And if it's an input you can use .val() which is the API for inputs.

$(this).find('td input[type=checkbox][name=chkSiapeServidor][value='+$('#siapeServidor').val()+']').prop('checked', true);
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