segurança – Make a sub domain or create a sub-folder?


Today an SSL certificate seller informed me that my is not secure, that the correct thing would be to do is this true?

Does it really make a difference a subdomain versus a subfolder?


Not necessarily, it seems to me a little exaggeration of it (and even lack of knowledge, or confusion of it).

what is insecure

If the page contains session cookies (or another session method) this data can be passed to , however it is totally possible to prevent this, for example with PHP it is possible to set the PATH of the session cookie.

Why use a subdomain

The sub-domain does not share cookies from the main site and this would theoretically make it more secure.

As I said it's not totally right and not totally wrong, it varies from how your system was created using a sub-folder doesn't really make it unsafe.

Of course he could have talked about something else that I really don't know about.

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