Make a site backup on Bitrix


The essence of the problem is this – there is a site made on Bitrix, it needs to be transferred to another server (that is, to create a copy of it) in order to painlessly test various new things. If I just pull out all the files through filezilla, then after that I cannot deploy the site on the local host, since apparently all the paths inside the scripts get confused. And if I use the "backup" option in the Bitrix admin panel, then files are downloaded that can only be opened through Bitrix. And here's the question – how, in this case, it is correct to make a backup – a copy of the site with all its data from the infoblocks, so that I can safely deploy this copy on the local host?


Download the backup, download the restore.php file from there –

Upload everything to local hosting, open restore.php in your browser. Select "The archive is uploaded to the root folder of the server", and then follow the instructions "further – further – further".

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