linux – Mail server (exim4). How to assign a specific ip to a domain?


There is a server on it, several interfaces are connected with addresses 192.168.xx (each has an external white ip)
There is a control panel, several domains have been added to it.
How to configure sending mail from domains:

domain1 – ip1 //eth0  
domain2 – ip2 //eth1

ip addresses look like 192.168.xx and a white external ip address. Mail is sent if all outgoing traffic is allowed through a specific interface (ip route replace default via …), but if I specify (in the control panel) a domain some address, I constantly see: "Network is unrecheable …"

What could be the mistake? If you specify in the control panel or in domainips ( etc/exim4/domainips ), then again the Network is unrecheable …


correct spelling of the rules solved the problem

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