android-sdk – Load ordering of classes in android


The problem is as follows.

In development I use library (B), which in turn uses apache http-client.

Applying it for android (when writing unit tests), it turned out that apache-http-client from the SDK is loaded by default – its version is not compatible with (B). Solved this issue, in Intellij Idea in Dependency changed the order of dependencies by putting http-client in front of the SDK.

After that, all unit tests (Junit 4, not from the SDK, also separately, if important) passed – classes were loaded from the lib, and not from the SDK.

However, when I built apk and ran the program, the classes were loaded from the SDK and, accordingly, nothing worked. Any idea what to do?


You can try porting apache-http-client to a different namespace using jarjar.

But it's better to get rid of the library.

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