Load CSS by device with Bootstrap


I have a file master.css which define general styles and two more files called movilices.css and screen.css that define specific styles for each device, how can I carry the burden of these files by using Bootstrap device used?

Bootstrap works the device sizes with initials md, xs, etc., the idea is to load the CSS according to these same rules, I know that this can be done with classes in div s and HTML elements.


By means of the "media" attribute of the "link" element you can do it: Use the same syntax as media queries, in fact it is one of the ways to use them.

 <link href="master.css" />
 <link media="only screen and (width < 768px)" href="movilices.css" />
 <link media="only screen and (width > 768px)" href="screen.css" />
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