linux – Listening PDF


Delivered today "the best speech synthesis program Festival, developed at the Center for the Study of Speech Technology at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland). It supports many different languages ​​​​and voices, can read text from a file or from the command line and write the synthesis result to a wav audio file, includes includes a plugin for pidgin that speaks incoming messages":

$sudo apt-get install festvox-ru

And now my crunch has become a good Russian speaker:

$ echo "Привет" | festival --language russian --tts

And you can listen to the book in text format:

$ festival --language russian --tts path/to/file.txt

I have a question for those who have been familiar with this program for more than a day, is it possible to make it read pdf? (If yes, how?)


It seems that the easiest way out is to convert pdf to txt, and then listen to this txt. On Linux it's done like this

pdftotext from to
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