ssl – Let's Encrypts is it possible to certify IPs?


I have a local server running some php applications, and some running in a virtual hosts environment, all accessing via https , but now the company wants to make the intranet available via ip for external access, but they don't want to register a domain to point through the dns , I've read the documentation and I can't find a solution, but in some forums I found reports from people who managed to do it, but without a tutorial.

Has anyone managed to certify Let's Encrypt for public ips? as I mentioned I'm out of money even for a domain, let alone for an ssl. Or is there another way of free certificates?

This is my scenario:

Servidor Linux: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS X64
2TB de HD
16 GB Ram
2MB link dedicado


Unfortunately at the moment it is not possible to certify on ip, only by domain, this information can be found on the official website of Let's Encrypt and in the community of the website at this link

But according to the documentation there is a study and they are being tested, let's wait.

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