git – Large project with many modules. Do one repository or several?


There is a big project. Now all sources are stored on the server. The sources are split into logical directories. Each directory contains about 10-15 c # projects. There are about 500 such projects in total (500 dlls are released). Now the developer goes to the server, takes the required project, edits it and uploads new sources. Components from one project can be called from another. That is, there are definitions of connectivity.

How can you embed Git or svn. It is not clear how to form the repository. There should be one big one or they should be split up. I would like to see examples of the implementation of such systems, descriptions in articles, for example.


Sadly, the choice of git vs svn mainly depends on the intellectual level of the team. svn is less flexible and more difficult to mess around with, and if the team was happy with the shared folder option, then I would recommend it, at least for a start. Converting from svn to git is easy.

And the choice of one repository versus many small ones depends on how often you need to make synchronous edits to several projects, for example, changing a shared library and all modules that use it. If often, then one repository is better. Also, if all modules are collected in one project and compiled at a time, then one repository is also better.

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