latex – Large figure hinders the positioning of others


In a Latex report I'm writing, I'm trying to insert a big picture at the beginning of the chapter. It's a page-sized flowchart:

  \includegraphics[width=\textwidth]{visio/fluxograma} % fluxograma é um PDF
  \caption{Fluxograma descrevendo a metodologia.}

What is happening is that, as it is the size of a page, Latex is postponing the insertion of the figure to the end of the chapter, after the text. As the flowchart is only inserted at the end, it hinders the insertion of other figures that are in the middle of the chapter. Hence, the figures are all at the end of the chapter.

How do I insert the flowchart in the correct position?

I tried to put the [!htb] attributes in the flowchart, but to no avail. Changing the size to 80% I got it, but I wanted to keep it with the page size.


Figures and tables are floating elements (floating), so Latex is in charge of choosing the best place to put them according to the available space and the size of the element.

An alternative that might work for you is to not use the \begin{figure} tag and replace it with a centralized generic element \begin{center} . Try doing this:


    \includegraphics[width=\textwidth]{visio/fluxograma} % fluxograma é um PDF
    \captionof{figure}{Fluxograma descrevendo a metodologia.}

EDIT: Includes the use of the caption package (which is required for using \captionof )

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