python – kivy installation error


I can't install kivy on my computer, I've never messed with pip before, I'm putting the commands in cmd and it gives an error.

I'm running the following commands:

python -m pip install docutils pygments pypiwin32 kivy.deps.sdl2 kivy.deps.glew
python -m pip install kivy.deps.gstreamer
python -m pip install kivy.deps.angle

These 3 commands have no installation errors. But when I do:

python -m pip install kivy

It's that it has an error. I ran it in cmd on the desktop and in the folder where python is installed (3.8). I also used both cmd and powershell and it gives the same error, which is:

ERROR: Command errored out with exit status 1: python egg_info Check the logs for full command output.


It worked here for me, I got it from a gringo repository on github:

It is not likely that we will release version 1.11.1 to 3.8 for pypi. However, you can install kivy master using:

pip install kivy[base] kivy_examples --pre --extra-index-url

copy from pip to . and paste in cmd hope it works.

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