JavaFX: pros and cons of MVC, MVP, MVVM, etc.


Which Model-View (VM) pattern to use with JavaFX with scalability and good maintainability in mind?

On Google you find people recommending MVC, MVP , MVVM … maybe there are others.

Some say that JavaFX was made for use with MVC . Others admit that there are many possible variations but prefer MVP over MVC, although the latter feels more natural . Some say that JavaFX is agnostic and accepts any of the standards (and by the tone of the conversation implies that there is a lack of books discussing the standards). Other than that will depend on the problem being attacked .

In the end, perhaps what counts are these last two opinions. It remains then to list and discuss the pros and cons of adopting each standard. I hope this isn't too broad, but it might be.

Maybe I should learn more about JavaFX to ask more specific questions. But I wanted to have a guide on how to study and organize my applications, and that includes adopting a standard.

By the way, for the case of Swing I found this recommendation that has an authoritative air.


Well, I believe it will vary according to your project and what you feel most comfortable with.
I'm on a project which I use MVCD ( Model, View, Controller and DAO ) so I don't see difficulties in organizing the structure.
And working with JAVAFX we also have the CSS part that is part of the View, so the ideal is for you to organize yourself in a way that doesn't get lost in the structure.


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