Java microservice architecture


By what means or by what means does one microservice interact with another?


It is worth adding that since each canonical microservice is a separate process, then theoretically anything from the list of interprocessor communication options can be used for the interaction of services. And while most communication methods boil down to HTTP and message queues, services can "communicate" through the file system. For example, there might be a service that monitors a database table and performs a specific task with new / updated records.

the essence of microservice architecture is the creation of many rest-services, each of which performs only one specific task?

First, just services. REST is already an implementation detail. In addition, the service may not have any API at all. Second, creating multiple services is, of course, a way to achieve a goal. And the essence of a microservice architecture is to adhere to the principle of a single responsibility. And everything else follows from this: ways of implementation, pros and cons.

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