python-2.7 – Is there any programming language that supports multi-digit arithmetic programming?


I want to do operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, …) with numbers up to 100,000 digits. Most programming languages ​​handle numbers up to about 10^50, which is a long way from 10^100000, which is what I want to use.

I want to ask you if anyone knows multi-digit arithmetic programming and how to guide the program. Multi-digit arithmetic programming consists of each digit being in the range of 0 to 32767 (for example) and allows handling much larger numbers than those given by programming languages.


As far as I know


Python has no limit on the range of integers you can handle (other than the memory you have to have to handle such large data).


Java supports them out-of-the-box using the BigInteger class.


In C or C++ you can use the GMP library

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