unity3d – Is there a way to do a good physics operation on a large number of objects like rice grains in a bowl?

Question: Question:

I'm thinking of creating 3D content that moves hundreds to thousands of objects by physics like the title. If you use the standard Rigidbody, the processing will be extremely heavy from the point where about 400 objects are piled up, and it seems unrealistic.

To avoid this situation

  • Review Rigidbody parameters and settings
  • Use a physics engine other than Rigidbody (PhysX)

Which method can be considered?

Answer: Answer:

It seems better to use a physics engine other than the latter Rigidbody .

This is because at least O (n ^ 2) calculations are required to handle n rigid bodies correctly.
If we were to handle 1000 grains of rice, we would need to calculate at least 1 million times per frame.
Considering how to handle it in a game, this amount of calculation is probably not realistic.

I'm not familiar with Unity so I can't say the details,
It seems that it is better to consider methods such as substituting with particles.

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