Is there a terminal in linux with buttons?


I need a terminal in which I would have buttons somewhere on the side, clicking on which would execute the command. For example, a button under the console "Show files", by clicking on which the ls command would be executed. I couldn't find something like that in Google, only in the Atom editor I found a package with such a function. Maybe you know a ready-made solution?

Linux: Ubuntu 20.04


I use Midnight Commander , it is more convenient to browse directories

How to install Midnight Commander on Linux

By default, MC is usually not installed. On Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint, you can install it using the apt-get command:

sudo apt-get install mc

On RHEL, CentOS and Fedora, you can use the command:

yum install mc

Once the installation is complete, just type mc in the console to run it.

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