terminology – Is there a relationship between Data Science and Data Analysis?


I was reading about data analysis and I had a question about the concept of data science and data analysis . I can't see the difference between the two terms, they both look the same to me.


What is the relationship between data science and data analysis? Are there differences? Are they independent of each other?


Although the knowledge needed and tools used by both are very similar (statistics, math, programming and business knowledge), they are not the same thing.

Data analysis is processing data to perform analysis (usually statistical) to validate hypotheses, draw conclusions, and aid decision making. Generally speaking, the steps to carry out an analysis are:

  1. Understand what is the question to be answered by the analysis, that is, what one wants to know with that analysis.
  2. Understand your data and establish your assumptions.
  3. Raise hypotheses.
  4. Validate the hypotheses raised
  5. Drawing conclusions

An example is to analyze the sale of a product and see which type of marketing approach is most effective.

Data science "aims at extracting knowledge, detecting patterns and/or gaining insights for possible decision making". For this, capturing, storing and processing (whether through analysis or developing models) data are possible stages of a project. That is, data science encompasses data analysis.







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