Is there a pip equivalent for C?


has to install third party libraries.
Is there a similar one for C? And if not , why not?


C is a language for writing programs, and the language specification does not include package management. You can only check if the package is connected or not under certain conditions. Python – can be considered as a language, in the language specification there can only be a "presence check" of the package. And you can't manage packages using a language.

Packages can only be in the development environment .

The Python development environment has package management.

For C++, package management is in:

  1. Dev C++
  2. Borland C++ Builder (same as in Delphi). At one time, sites distributing libraries for Delphi and Borland C ++ as part of packages were popular.
  3. The Eclipse IDE also allows you to work with C++ and deliver library packages.
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