mysql – Is it right to use docker for hosting multiple sites on a server


Hello everyone. Now about 6 sites are installed on the server via docker-compose, each site has its own separate configuration, but it is similar, since the small server faced the problem that more than 6 containers could not be lifted on it. If you reinstall sites without docker, then when the load on 1 site increases, the rest will fall as nginx and mysql will be overloaded. I want to know your opinion on the best way to do it with or without docker.


In modern production, there is no way without containerizing an application, containerization itself helps us with deployment, development, deployment and all other inherent compatibility problems. But I think you already know this, I say this to the fact that you of course have to use docker. Of course, I do not fully understand what the problem is to raise more than 6 sites on one server, but the very fact of raising so many services on one server is a little wrong, in my opinion.

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