Is it possible to write a program for android, which, without launching in the ART or dalvik environment, will work in graphical mode?


As I know, all android apps run in a virtual machine similar to jvm but more optimized. Is it possible to build a program that will work in graphical mode using cross-compiling? Is it a program for the linux kernel? I know that I will be called a suicide, but who will not mind, answer!


Unfortunately, android does not provide any way to launch custom applications without using jvm at all. But from Java code, you can transfer control to the native one, which can, for example, work directly with graphics, as most graphics engines do, for example. But data from sensors will still have to be received through a layer of Java code …

PS but where did you get the idea that ART or dalvik are more optimized? This is a rather controversial issue and for the most part most likely not in favor of Google's JVMs.

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