Is it possible to use MariaDB for clustering?


I'm studying about SQL database clustering, and to go deeper I intend to run some practical tests with a DBMS, and I chose MariaDB for this.

So, I would like to know if it is possible to use MariaDB for clustering and what would be its version for this purpose?


There are a few options, but the one I know and have used personally (and would recommend) is MariaDB Galera Cluster , a multi-master cluster for mariadb. A multi-master cluster is where any node has read/write authority, everyone is "master", unlike a master-slave where only 1 "master" writes and the "slaves" are read-only.

The world of database clustering is full of pineapples, if you want to give it a little deeper I recommend reading this technical analysis from mariadb guys . a very heavy reading, but it is not necessary to understand everything to get the general idea, and when choosing a database, nothing better than seeing its weak points.

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