Is it possible to search and connect to Wi-Fi from the Android / iPhone app?

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I'm thinking of an app that automatically connects to a specific Wi-Fi spot when a specific app is launched.

Is it possible to search for a wireless LAN access point and connect to any of the searched Wi-Fi networks from the program of the Android or iPhone app?

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I will write it because it is popular only with ios and the implementation method of Android is not listed.

I had a hard time around the WiFi connection, so the implementation of the blog called memo is very helpful. It is recommended.
If you know the SSID name, whether it's open or stealth, the above information is sufficient.

A supplement named Jabashi.

How to search for wireless LAN access points

→ Below the Android Wi-Fi Tutorial ,
The area that mainWifiObj.getScanResults is where you are searching for hotspots. However, please note that you cannot search for hidden SSID in this case.
Also, as a major premise , if WiFi is not turned on in the terminal settings, null should be returned for all SSID search results and scan results no matter what method is used . (If you are lying, please correct it)
The method of turning on the WiFi setting of the terminal can be easily implemented, but honestly, it is a difficult task how to set up a cushion and notify general users that WiFi will be turned on. I know.

How to detect a connection to a Wi-Fi network

How to detect when WIFI Connection has been established in Android? I implemented the answer with the second highest number of votes.

How to detect that Wi-Fi on your Android device is turned on

It端末によっては、切り替わるまで少々時間もかかるようなんで注意も必要ですね。 In connection with the story.
This should be done by setting to broadcast and waiting for WifiManager.WIFI_STATE_ENABLED to be caught as an intent. If you google with the above words, the implementation will come out for the time being.
… When implemented as a support app for development in-house, it took a long time for the terminal of the manufacturer Huawei to notify the intent, so the number of connections was mechanically 5 times on the assumption that the processing would drop in the middle. I remember trying to retry and giving up listening to communication.

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