Is it possible to export the source code of an Android Studio project? Like?


I developed an application in Android Studio that is now available on Google Play.

As it was a project that I used as the theme of my TCC, the university needs the source code in PDF. How do I extract the code into a single file?

My project has several classes and doing all the code joining manually is practically unfeasible. I researched and it seems that it is possible to export if the app is already on Google Play and I install the APK version on my device, but I don't have an Android phone.

Is it possible to do this from the computer, with my code without being compiled? Like?


Rafaela Android Studio does not have a function to "export" all the code, what I would recommend is to put your entire project on GitHub or something similar and make it public like I did in my TCC theme. So your teachers will be able to download and analyze your project or just look at your code on the GitHub website.

Another thing you could do that I don't think is feasible would be to copy your codes and separate them into just one folder.

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