jquery – Is it possible to add a function in a json?


Let's get to the problem. In datatable.js, to display the columns I define it as follows:

    "aoColumns": [
                { "mDataProp": "IdProcesso", "sTitle": "Numero" }

If you need to perform any function:

                    "mDataProp": "DataAbertura", "sTitle": "Data Abertura",
                    "fnRender": function (oObj) {
                        return //minha function vem aqui!

Now comes the question, is it possible for me to add this function to the Json object dynamically? When I say dynamic I mean the fact that this object will be created by another function and at the end it returns a string generated by JSON.stringify and the function is unusable. I hope I managed to explain my doubt


There is an alternative, using the eval function.

The eval function executes the string passed to it, as you can see in the example below:



This will make the alert appear on the screen. So my suggestion is that you save your function in string format, and run it like that.

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