Is it possible for a JavaScript function to call a method that is in the code behind page?


I have a button and I want to program its click , and when I use an <asp:Button> I program its click in code behind . I am now using a normal button .

I know next to nothing about JavaScript and wanted to program it in code behind too. How would I create a JavaScript function calling a C# method?


If your implementation is restricted to an ASP.NET page with codebehind, you can implement a call to a WebMethod as follows:

Mark the method as a WebMethod . It must necessarily be a static method.

public partial class _Default : Page 
  public static string MetodoASerChamado()
    return DateTime.Now.ToString();

Call the function directly from the javascript implementation.

  type: "GET",
  url: "Default.aspx/MetodoASerChamado",
  success: function(msg) {
    // Do something interesting here.
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