Is it necessary to install Git on Windows 10 if it already exists on Bash Ubuntu?


I just got a Windows 10 PC (so far I've only used Windows 7, no need for Windows 8 and 8.1). The first thing I did with this new toy was to install Ubuntu Bash on it. I've tried this attempt and it's decent for a beta (I'm less than an hour, but at least for what I did it's fine).

Now I'm installing tools for day-to-day development, and I was about to download Git. Before that I tested if Git was already installed in bash and I see that it is.

My question: Is it necessary to install Git on Windows again or is it enough to use the version that already exists in bash? Is there a problem modifying the files, maybe the line ending is lost between CR/LF and LF? Are there any considerations I should have with this decision?


It is not necessary if your idea is to use git directly from bash.

Now, if you are going to use an IDE to develop and you want it to integrate with git then you do need a client for Windows.

I in particular use SourceTree to see the pending changes (very useful when the commit has an interesting size) integrated with Git for Windows .

These tools keep line breaks as defined in the file.

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