php – Is it a good idea to use interfaces to specify which magic methods a class will implement?


I've seen some code in PHP that, to check if a class has the __toString method, the method_exists function is used.


if (method_exists($object, '__toString')) echo $object;

On the other hand, I've seen interfaces that use the __toString method to force classes that implement it to have this method.

interface StringableInterface
     public function __toString();

if ($object instanceof StringableInterface) echo $object;

What are the advantages of using an interface that contains __toString , instead of just checking that this method exists in the class?


Although both in many cases may seem to serve "almost" to the same effect, instanceof actually tries to inform if a certain class implements a certain interface, which is not the same as knowing if the method exists or not.

We can then put in a more careful performance analysis and as a result we can get interesting results, analyze the code I found and which in my opinion helps to understand…

interface HasMethod {
    public function myMethod();

class MyClass1 implements HasMethod {
    public function myMethod() {}

class MyClass2 {
    public function myMethod() {}

$myClass1 = new MyClass1();
$myClass2 = new MyClass2();

$times = [0,0,0];
$j = 0;
for($i = 0; $i < 100000; ++$i) {
    $start = microtime(1);
    ($myClass1 instanceof HasMethod) && $j++;
    $times[0] += microtime(1) - $start;

    $start = microtime(1);
    (method_exists($myClass1, 'myMethod')) && $j++;
    $times[1] += microtime(1) - $start;

    $start = microtime(1);
    (method_exists($myClass2, 'myMethod')) && $j++;
    $times[2] += microtime(1) - $start;



    [0] => 0.46121835708618 //instanceOf
    [1] => 0.53055930137634 //method_exists com interface
    [2] => 0.4961085319519  //method_exists sem interface

Using instanceof is slightly faster than method_exists() .

The speed advantage is particularly noticeable when I use an interface or the method doesn't exist.

I personally like using contracts as the interface better so I prefer instanceof as an "elegant solution".

To finish a question that in my opinion is very important and that sometimes fails many of us…

It is true that method_exists() returns the value of TRUE if the method exists. However, it also does this for private methods which can be problematic. For this there is also the is_callable() which in the example I indicated will return FALSE . I know it's a bit beyond the scope of the question, but I thought it was important to mention it!

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