Icon License



We are developing an Android application and recently started using icons on Flaticon.com, but immediately ran into a license issue. On Flaticon, you need to specify a link to the author or buy premium access so that you can use the icons for commercial purposes.

We had an idea to create our own icons. The question is: if we create the same icons or very similar ones that were taken on Flaticon.com, will they be considered original and we will have all the license rights, or will it be theft of intellectual property and a violation of the license?



Can I use forever all the icons I download with the Premium account?

Yes, everytime you download a resource, it will include a document that grant you the unlimited right to use it forever.

those. if you paid 10 bucks, then everything that you downloaded with a premium account can use forever, the license goes to download and lasts forever.

you're sorry to pay 10 bucks for a month's access and are willing to spend time and resources redesigning icons instead? With this approach, you will not get a very good application.

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