I want to syntax highlight the code block separately when editing reStructuredText in Emacs

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I am writing sentences using Sphinx . When editing a file in reStructuredText format like the following in Emacs, I want to syntax highlight only the contents of the code block (code-block) in a major mode different from rst-mode. How can I do this? Is not it.


- ほげほげ

  .. code-block:: python

     # このブロックは rst-mode ではなく python-mode で
     # シンタックスハイライト + インデントしたいという話です

     def hello():
         print("Hello, world!")


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I haven't tried it myself so I'm not sure if it will work, but if you use mumamo or mmm-mode, you can switch between multiple modes depending on the code type in one buffer (Other EmacsWiki) . Please refer to Multiple Modes in).

In mmm-mode, what you're doing is the opposite (editing rst in your Python code), but this answer and this code may be helpful for your configuration.

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