f# – I want to get the F # name of a type with CompiledName


type Piyo = class end

When you define such a type, running typeof<Piyo>.Name will return "Hoge" .
Is there a way to get the string "Piyo" at runtime?


I'm writing a library that maps F # types to Yaml.
I'm trying to include in the exception message if Yaml couldn't be converted to an object, which type it couldn't be converted to.
At that time, I want to display it in a format that can be seen from F #.
For example, List<int> instead of FSharpList<int> .

Answer: Answer:

The name in F # is output to the resource FSharpSignatureData. AssemblyName in the assembly. Previously, F # Metadata Reader was provided by F # PowerPack , but it has been removed by the current FSharp Compiler Service.

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