wpf – I want to combine multiple namespace assignments in XAML

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When you write XAML in a WPF application, you write a namespace declaration to read the other namespaces you need.
In the application I'm currently making, I have a lot of self-made user controls, and I manage namespaces in detail, but when using them, it is complicated to add individual prefixes one by one.
Is there a way to assign multiple namespaces to a prefix (though it doesn't seem to be possible), or to use classes in multiple namespaces directly without using a prefix?
Or is it the only way to obediently assign individual prefixes?

The environment is VS2013 / .NET 4.5.1 (C #) /.

Answer: Answer:

The XmlnsDefinitionAttribute on MSDN can be assigned the same URI to multiple namespaces.
However, it has no effect on the same assembly as the XAML that defines the prefix, so the control must be split into separate projects.

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