I can't invoke a setter or getter in JavaScript


I was doing some object oriented exercises and in the solution the teacher used set and get . I realized that even doing as the teacher does not work. I can solve without get and set , but I was wondering how to use them in JavaScript.

class Endereco{
  constructor(rua) {
    this.rua = rua;

  set novaRua(nova){
    this.rua = nova;

let E1 = new Endereco(null);
E1.novaRua("rua x");

The exit:

Uncaught TypeError: E1.novaRua is not a function
  at aula8.js:77


When you use the get or set in JavaScript, it uses the language's default access format or definition.

So, to access, you must use:


And to define:

obj.prop = "New Value";

See an example:

class Person {
  name = undefined;
  set name(name) {
    this.name = name;
  get name() {
    return this.name;

const p = new Person();
console.log(p.name); // undefined
p.name = 'Luiz';
console.log(p.name); // Luiz

Note that these accessors are not unique to classes. You can also use them on literal objects.

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