java – I can't install tomcat and get no message when accessing localhost:8080


I'm starting with Java. I downloaded the e-book and started reading. I'm stuck, I can't complete the installation of Tomcat.

I downloaded it from . In the "tomcat 8.0.20 Released" option, I chose "apache-tomcat-8.0.20-windows-x86". My system is Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. After unzipping the file, it generated a directory and subdirectories under "apache-tomcat-8.0.20-windows-x86".

Following the book's guidance, I accessed the bin subdirectory and ran the startup.bat file to start the server. There is no occurrence. Nothing happens.

Then I try to access the address http://localhost:8080 , which should access a page that would return confirming and executing. The Google Chrome browser returns a message stating that the page is not available.

By the way I also downloaded and installed JDK Development 8.

Since there is no return, no information appears in the log subdirectory, I am actually flying. If anyone has been through something like this and can help, that would be great.


Did you remember setting the system variables as JAVA_HOME and JRE_HOME? Tomcat will not work without them. to check go to tomcat's bin folder hold shift click right mouse button, and select open command window here. type in cmd startup.bat and check if it returns the error.

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