c++ – I can not build and run a qt project


I downloaded qt and Qt, and decided to study, see.

Since I don’t know c ++ very well and I don’t have much experience, I ask for help. When creating the project, I paid attention to this in the main posts:

Выполняется поиск устройств WinRT.
C:/Qt/Qt5.11.0/5.11.0/winrt_armv7_msvc2015/bin/winrtrunner.exe --list- 
Обнаружено 1 устройство WinRT.
Project ERROR: Cannot run compiler 'cl'. Output:
Maybe you forgot to setup the environment?
Ошибка разбора файла C:\Users\timax\Documents\Test1\Test1.pro. Отмена.

And the project won't start.

After digging around, I found that there is Desktop Qt 1.11.0 MSVC2015 32bit and Desktop Qt 1.11.0 MSVC2015 64bit and writes "Error: the kit does not have a compiler specified" How to fix this?


Install first visual studio and then Qt (for the visual studio that you have), Qt will write the paths itself and everything will be compiled.

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