HQL query in C#


Guys, I'm having difficulties with HQL and C#. I have the following method:

public IList<int> GetListYear(Guid educationalInstitutionId, Guid academicLevelId, Guid? locationId, Guid? programOfferedId)
    //Implementar o HQL

And I have the following query:

"select distinct ConclusionYear
from AlumniProgramOffered
inner join AlumniSignup
inner join ProgramOffered*
inner join Program
where AlumniSignup.EducationalInstitution.Identity = educationalInstitutionId
and Program.AcademicLevel.Identity = academicLevelId
and ProgramOffered.Location.Identity = locationId or locationId is null
and ProgramOffered.Identity = programOfferedId or programOfferedId is null"

I need, through HQL, to perform this query passing the parameters I get in my GetListYear method


To be sure what this query would look like, you would need the code for all your entities. But your HQL query would probably look like this:

select distinct ConclusionYear as cy
from AlumniProgramOffered as apo
 join apo.AlumniSignup as as
 join as.ProgramOffered as po
 join po.Location as loc
 join po.Program as pr
 join pr.AcademicLevel as al
 join pr.EducationalInstitution as edu
where edu.Identity = :educationalInstitutionId
 and al.Identity = :academicLevelId
 and loc.Identity = :locationId or locationId is null
 and po.Identity = :programOfferedId or programOfferedId is null

This, of course, is just the HQL query. The rest of the code for calling this HQL I'm assuming you already know how to do it.

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