java – How to write database applications?


My knowledge of Android is 0 … I was given the task:

Write an application where you can register users, after registration should go to the page where there is a list of registered users. By clicking on the user, you should go to the user's page, where there is information about him (name, date of birth, everything that he indicated during registration). That's all)

  1. Login page
  2. Registration Page
  3. User list page
  4. User Information Page

Please tell me what should I use as technologies? And which database should I use SQLite or MySQL?

And where can I see suitable tutorials for such approximate tasks? I learned a little to write simple programs in a couple of days, but this knowledge is not enough for such a task ..


Regarding sql, read about SQLiteOpenHelper . Don't bother with this ListView assignment, read about View.inflate() and about .addView() for LinearLayout . For screens use fragment as well as singletone. If they don’t dig, then they will give a ride and you will have time in 3 days.

If you want to leave the coordinates, I will help with advice so that I don’t spend a lot of time on stupid mistakes. Good luck

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