c# – How to view "CommandText" with added parameters?


MySqlCommand comm = new MySqlCommand("", conexao);
comm.CommandText = ("SELECT @select FROM @from WHERE @where LIKE '@like'");
comm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@select", select);
comm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@from", from);
comm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@where", where);
comm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@like", like);

If I run Debug.WriteLine(comm.CommandText) my return is:

"SELECT @select FROM @from WHERE @where LIKE '@like'" .

How to view MYSQL connector CommandText for C# with added parameters?


You could create an extended method to solve this problem see below:

public static string GravaLog(this IDbCommand cmd)
        int i = 0;
        StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();

        var nome = cmd.CommandText.ToString();
        builder.Append(DateTime.Now.ToString() + $" {nome}(");

        foreach (IDataParameter item in cmd.Parameters)

            if (i+1 == cmd.Parameters.Count)
                builder.Append($"{item.ParameterName} => '{item.Value.ToString()}'");
                builder.Append($"{item.ParameterName} => '{item.Value.ToString()}', ");

       return builder.toString();

In this case you will receive an IDbCommand that is inherited from MYSQLCOMMAND, it will open the parameters taking the name of each one along with the values ​​passed and assemble a string. Hope this helps!!!

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