How to switch lines in a report with custom colors Crystal Reports and C# winforms?


In the report I'm making, I've already managed to switch the colors by doing the following: Access the Menu: Crystal ReportsReportSection Expert Select the Details section and click the Color tab Click the formula x-2 button, the formula editor will open

Put the following code:

if (RecordNumber mod 2) = 0 then crNoColor else crSilver

The problem is that the gray color ( crSilver ) is too dark, I need to get a lighter gray, which doesn't deviate much from white.

I would like to know if there is any way to customize colors, and assign names to them and later use these names in Crystal Reports? Or is there a list of colors with their names in Crystal Reports ?


It has the Color function (red, green, blue)

It can help in a normal color editing, "more" button, edit the color as you want and use the red, green and blue parameters in the mentioned function.

obs: I make "zebrado" with crSilver but I don't think it's too dark

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