linux – How to store key password in FileZilla?


To connect via SFTP, we use a public key. How can I save the password from this key in FileZilla not for the session, but forever?


Ubuntu 16.04


“forever” means “remove the password altogether”.

as in the case of changing/setting a password, you can remove it using the ssh-keygen program called with the -p option:

$ ssh-keygen -p

it will first ask for the path to the secret key (with a suggested default of ~/.ssh/id_rsa , which you can accept by pressing enter , or you can enter the path to another file; you can generally specify the path to the file using the -f /путь/к/секретному.ключу option -f /путь/к/секретному.ключу ).

it will then ask for the existing password (if set, of course), and if entered correctly, it will ask for a new password twice. if you do not enter anything both times, but press enter , the password will be "empty", i.e., the secret key will not be encrypted, and nothing will subsequently be requested when using this file with a secret key.

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