html – How to start skype call from browser action?


I need to add an "online support" button on my page but instead of creating an online chat I would like to use Skype.

What's the best way to implement this?


Use the Skype URI

In place of the url you pass a command that will be understood by the browser as the execution of an instruction in an external application

<a href='skype:echo123?chat&topic=Teste'>Abrir conversa</a>

<a href='skype:echo123?call&topic=Assunto'>Iniciar chamada</a>

In the examples above, echo123 is the skype contact, chat / call is the type of action that skype will perform, and topic is the subject of the call.

You can see more example on skype page

The browser will display a dialog window asking for authorization to launch the application. Something similar to what happens when you click on the magnet link of a torrent, only after that will skype start.

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