java – How to sort an ArrayList with objects behind two parameters


There is an Employee class in which there is an ArrayList<Employee> , you need to sort the employees in the list by ЗП , and if the ЗП is the same after the name. I know how to sort by ЗП , but I can’t figure out how to sort with an equal ЗП after the name. Thanks in advance. Can you at least give me a hint.


Suppose we have a class

class Employee {
    String name;
    double salary;

and variable

ArrayList<Employee> employees;

You can sort, for example, in the following way:

    new Comparator<Employee>() {
        public int compare(final Employee e1, final Employee e2) {
            if (e1.salary < e2.salary)
                return -1;
            if (e2.salary > e2.salary)
                return 1;
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