javascript – How to sort an array? First Latin, then Cyrillic, then numbers


For example, there is an array:

arr = ['б', 'D', 7, 'U', 'Ш', 9, 5, 'J']

And I need to sort it alphabetically, and bring it to this:

sort === ['D', 'J', 'U', 'б', 'Ш', 5, 7, 9];

I do this, but the Cyrillic alphabet and numbers are thrown forward:

   let sort = arr.sort(function (a, b) {
            return a._id.toLowerCase().localeCompare(b._id.toLowerCase())


to compare letters depending on the language, you can use Intl.Collator indicating the desired locale, in this case en , so that Latin letters come before Cyrillic. But the numbers will still be the first, so you need to check the options at each iteration when one of the arguments is a number and the second is not

  • when a is NOT a number and b is a number we return -1 so that the values ​​are not swapped
  • when a is a number and b is NOT a number, return 1 so that the letter comes before the number
  • in other cases, when both parameters are a number or both are NOT a number, we use collator to sort letters and numbers among themselves

Intl.Collator also has the Intl.Collator caseFirst , which specifies which case characters should come first

const arr = ['б', 'D', 7, 'U', 'Ш', 9, 5, 'J']

const collator = new Intl.Collator('en');

const sortArr = arr.sort((a, b) => {
  if(isNaN(a) && !isNaN(b)){
    return -1
  }else if(!isNaN(a) && isNaN(b)){
    return 1
  return, b);
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