javascript – How to send messages to open tabs of an app in chrome


I'm fixing the sync part between my app's open tabs and I remembered that Google Chrome has an API that if I'm not mistaken does exactly what I need, send messages internally in an app.

I took a look at Google and Chrome Developers and got all confused, so I figured it would be better to ask someone who already understands the subject.

I need a code that sent messages to the open tabs of an app (as already mentioned) and also what it would be like to receive this message.


In a recent project it was necessary to do something similar. It consisted of an accounting system. When the user selected another company, all tabs should be notified and updated.

The system in question was implemented in JSF 2 with PrimeFaces, so I used the Push component, which, behind the scenes, uses the Atmosphere framework.

This link contains a tutorial about the framework.

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