How to run a program in the system console in PyCharm?


It suddenly turned out that PyCharm Community under Windows does not work well with \r and breaks progress bars (everything is fine in Linux). (The "Emulate terminal in output console" checkbox doesn't help: the behavior gets a little better, but it's still buggy.) But I still want to work with \r. Since PyCharm hasn't fixed this problem for many years , it's natural to run the program in the native system console, in which \r works as expected.

How can I set the launch options so that the program will run in the system console? First of all, Windows is of interest (because the problem is on it), but something cross-platform will be fine too.

Google knows about some kind of “Use external console” checkbox , but it seems to be either only in IDEA, or not for python, or only in the Pro version, or they cut it out – but in general I don’t have such a checkmark I see.


You can run the code in the Python console under PyCharm Community in a couple of ways provided:

  1. Shift+Alt+E on the selected code.

  2. Run > Edit Configurations and select Show command line afterwards (more) But as I understand it, when using this method, you will have to do this for each new project. For the configuration of the project. (maybe someone can fix it)

But I don’t know how to open a console separate from the python IDE =)

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