linux – How to restrict access to malicious users with indefinite IP addresses

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When running a server, users who are called "vandalism" may get mixed in.
It is possible to restrict access to this user by specifying the IP using .htaccess etc.
From time to time, obsessive vandalism users change their IPs and continue to vandalize.

On the server side, in addition to the IP, the terminal information of the access source is identified, and
Is there any way to restrict access?

Answer: Answer:

This case has various difficult problems.
In the first place, we have to start the discussion about whether it is okay to identify Web閲覧者.
If a malicious user can be uniquely identified, then a non-malicious user is also the same.
It can "personally target" (non-malicious) users, which can lead to privacy breaches.

In principle, one vote should be cast for not identifying.

If you still want to identify it, you can give out the cookie if the malicious user does not know the cookie .
You may also use an identification technology called Web 指紋orブラウザ指紋.
Maybe this one is easier to understand?

I personally don't recommend identifying.

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