c# – How to repeat HTTP requests multiple times and simultaneously, without delay?


I need a way to send http request's multiple times without changing any request.

Currently I have been using Charles Proxy – I take the request from an iphone app and so I can repeat it on my computer. Charles Proxy repeats as many times as necessary, but with a certain delay between requests. I noticed that the server does not accept the same request if it is sent after 200ms. Therefore, I needed a program or other means that could send 30 requests, for example, all at the same time, without delay. Is there any way to accomplish this?

I have no control over the server, which is not mine. I just take ready-made requests from the iphone and repeat on windows.


Apache JMeter is able to perform the load testing you need. It's free and open source.

Just remember to send many requests to a server can bring it down or leave it too slow and may produce something that will be regarded as a Denial of Service Attack, Denial of Service (DoS) in English. This is especially serious when the server is not yours.

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