php – How to receive data from a GPS tracker on a web server under Windows?


I searched for a long time, but I found only one single article on the entire Internet, on how to receive data from a GPS tracker and redirect it to a PHP script:
The problem is that it was written for the xinetd program, which works only under Linux, but I need to deploy data reception on windows.
Throw off the article I need or help me figure out the question, please.


Found several articles ( eng ., Habr ., OpenGTS , rus3 ).

By and large, you must have a listener (server) that receives data from the device via TCP / IP.

There may be several solutions:

  1. Create your own socket server that will run as a service and listen on a specific port. A GPS tracker via (TCP / IP) will have to contact your server via ip and transfer data. Examples of creating a php server ( rus , rus , eng , , what are sockets )

  2. Use a ready-made Inetd listener.

As for Windows. I advise you to do it directly on linus. If you have windows, then, probably, pour everything onto the hosting (there should already be a listener) and try to connect through the hosting.

I did not find ready listeners for windows

As an option – you can install virtualBox on it and put ubuntu on it and install xinetd there.

If you decide to write a daemon in php, then here's another article

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