java – How to put an Android app in the background?


I'm starting to work with Android Studio and I'm having doubts.

My problem is the following:

I have an application that has a "Splashscreen" or presentation screen and it works as a launcher for it. After a few seconds jump to another activity to login.

When this second screen (login) is presented, I would like that when pressing the back button,

 @Override public void onBackPressed() {}

and through this action send the application to the background.

It is the same behavior that the vast majority of applications present, so I suppose that there will be some method to solve it easily.

All the best.


Most applications terminate the Activity via finish() , and you see a shortcut to access it again.

In the case you comment you can use


Which moves the task containing this Activity to the bottom of the Activities stack.

    public void onBackPressed() {
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